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Re: Empty DN ("") String Value?

> I personally think the best solution to revitalizing JLDAP is for those
of us that care to clear the outstanding ITS reports and then refactor what's there as a way to assume a sense of ownership within the OpenLDAP project. I'm not suggesting taking anything from Novell or making radical changes; more like a systematic review that gives new blood some skin in the code base. I mean JLDAP has classes that have been deprecated for five years now.

Better yet would be to follow the OpenLDAP development model and start a new branch for a new version (e.g. 2.3 to 2.4). That would be huge though, so the breath holding heuristic again applies.

It would be great if life was put back in it. We don't use Java here, so couldn't help, but code should be cared for by those who use it and love it ;-)

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