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Re: Run-time registered controls

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

I've updated controls.c/backends.c with a kludge which provide
proper criticality handling.

I'm getting more and more convinced that the design of backend_check_controls() is obsoleted by current code design. It originated from the need to check whether a certain backend was able to handle a specific control when control handling implementations were essentially backend-specific; now we're moving towards an implementation of control handling that it rather overlay-centric, allowing the same implementation to be shared by different backends and thus moving it a bit towards the frontend, in the no man's land between the two. So either we make backend_check_controls() be intercepted by overlays, or we design a different type of check, e.g. something that is invoked at the fronted level and uses the requestDN as a hint to trace what path the handling of the request will take. This would likely require multiple select_backend() invocations, unless we group the two tasks, and let backend_check_controls(), or even backend_check_restrictions(), return the selected and validated database.


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