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Re: Run-time registered controls

At 03:17 AM 1/25/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I'm working at dynamically registering the Chaining Behavior control by
>the chain overlay, and I noticed that there seems to be no mechanism to
>dynamically register controls in the bi_controls array.

See ppolicy.c.

>This is necessary
>to pass the backend_check_controls() then the criticality flag is set
>(also, I note that test should be reworked as per ITS#3308; I'll also look
>at that).

ITS#3308 reports that slapd(8) improperly returns 
unavailableCriticalExtension for a recognized and
appropriate control.  This code should only be
returned for controls which are unrecognized or
inappropriate for the operation they are attached
to.  I committed a fix for ITS#3308 (backend.c 1.298).

>To keep things simple,
>Of course, I might be missing a much cleaner and simpler solution, or
>overlooking other side effects...

I guess I don't see what functionality we're missing.