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Re: "attrs=" directive in syncrepl

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

I haven't followed the recent discussion about the "attrs=" directive too carefully,
so I don't recall, and I'm not able (or too lazy) to find out what was the final decision.
I note that by specifiying "attrs=*" one gets in fact "*,+" after a long way to the
si_anlist member of the syncrepl structure. I was cleaning up the code for unrelated
issues, and I committed a fix that is still commented because I'm not sure if the
behavior was intended. In fact, with my fix test019 fails; to avoid the failure, the
config files would need to explicitly have "attrs=*,+". Am I missing anything?

I don't know, but this whole chunk of code needs to be simplified, as does the attrs= parser for slurpd replication. Right now we have
attrs=<list of included attrs>
attrs!=<list of excluded attrs>
attrs=!<excluded attr>,!<excluded attr>...
exattrs=<list of excluded attrs>

Maintaining all of this is ridiculous. The anlist structure supports an exclude flag per item, we should be using it consistently.
As such, there should only be one config syntax:

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