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Re: "attrs=" directive in syncrepl

The current "!" syntax is niether universally nor consistently supported to
be considered as the common attrs syntax.
For example, attrs=!<excluded attr>,!<excluded attr> .. is not supported for
non-objectClass attributes in str2anlist().
Also, attrs!=<list of excluded attrs> is supported by the attrs directive in
replica configuration, but not in acl directives.
It'll be great if we can have a consensus on the unified notation for
attribute list.
- Jong-Hyuk

> I don't know, but this whole chunk of code needs to be simplified, as
> does the attrs= parser for slurpd replication. Right now we have
>     attrs=<list of included attrs>
>     attrs!=<list of excluded attrs>
>     attrs=!<excluded attr>,!<excluded attr>...
>     exattrs=<list of excluded attrs>
> Maintaining all of this is ridiculous. The anlist structure supports an
> exclude flag per item, we should be using it consistently.
> As such, there should only be one config syntax:
>     attrs=<attr>,<attr>,!<attr>,!<attr>...
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