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Re: New Phonetic Design

At 03:55 AM 9/23/2004, Alexandre PAUZIES wrote:
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:
>> Note that posts of source to this list are viewed only
>> as points of discussion.  Discussion regarding your patch
>> is welcomed.  If that's all you desire at this point, that's
>> fine.
>Yes, I posted  here because I want to  know your point of view  on a new
>phonetic des you agree  that a new one is needed ? 

I would agree that we need some framework, plugin, or other
mechanism to allow folks to customize approximate matching
behavior to their own particular tastes.  I rather avoid
limiting this (in discussions, design, or code) to
'phonetic'-based approaches.

>What do you think of my attached implementation ?

I'm looking more at your design than your code...  I'll be
commenting on that in due time (aside from being busy, I prefer
to give others an opportunity to comment before I weight in).

>I was  thinking that my work need  to be discussed before  sending it to
>Issue Tracking System but if you're agree with my implementation, I will
>send it.

It is fine, even appropriate, for you to seek feedback regarding
your design and code before you submit materials for consideration
for inclusion.  However, to be clear, you should be careful to take
comments made prior to submission as feedback and not as some
pre-agreement to incorporate the work in OpenLDAP Software.