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Re: New Phonetic Design

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

> Note that posts of source to this list are viewed only
> as points of discussion.  Discussion regarding your patch
> is welcomed.  If that's all you desire at this point, that's
> fine.

Yes, I posted  here because I want to  know your point of view  on a new
phonetic des you agree  that a new one is needed ?  What do you think of
my attached implementation ? Do you haveto make it better ?

> But to be clear, if you intend to contribute source to
> the OpenLDAP Project, you must submit that contribution to
> the OpenLDAP Project using the OpenLDAP Issue Tracking
> System (as discussed in the contributing guidelines).

I was  thinking that my work need  to be discussed before  sending it to
Issue Tracking System but if you're agree with my implementation, I will
send it.



Alexandre PAUZIES <apauzies@linagora.com>
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