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Re: back-bdb deadlocks?

David Boreham wrote:
Their response was "we have degree 2 isolation in 4.3, would you like to test a prerelease of that?" and of course I said yes. The specific behavior that my patch changed (re: txn->begin_lsn) is the default behavior in 4.3 so that in particular was harmless.

That's cool. You could target DB4.3 for a future openldap release then.

Might get a bit messy maintianing backwards compatibility with
older libdb versions though...

For various reasons we've steadily bumped up the minimum required BDB version as we've gone. In this case, we could still use BDB 4.2, with the caveat that db_archive on a running slapd will be useless unless you patch the code (and maybe you should update to 4.3 anyway).

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