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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd backend.c backover.c proto-slap.h

> Heads up: I've added a couple members to SlapReply's search structure,
> and changed the API and the way operational attributes are collected.
> Now they can be handled by overlays along with the entry they refer to,
> and the be_operational() handler shares the same interface of most
> backend functions.  Note that now the rwm overlay is complete, including
> the modrdn handler and the manual page (slapo-rwm(5), mostly taken
> from slapd-meta(5) and slapd-ldap(5)).
> Future actions will be a version of back-ldap without rewrite/remap;
> We could either remove the redundant features from the current back-ldap
> in HEAD (but this could make updating of RE cumbersome) or start a
> new back-ldap (back-proxy?) intended as back-ldap's (and back-meta's,
> by glueing different backends) replacement.
> Please check and report problems.

I note right now that the response to the whoami exop doesn't get
rewritten.  On the one hand this is nice, because then it is returning the
_real_ identity instead of the virtual; on the other, if the virtual
naming context is intended to entirely masquerade the real one, it should
be rewritten accordingly.  Maybe we should allow to configure this by
providing a "whoAmIDN" rewrite context.


Pierangelo Masarati

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