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Re: back-bdb deadlocks?

> Howard Chu wrote:
> > I've checked in a fix for this. Creating a new transaction for every
> > search operation would add a fair amount of overhead, so I've allocated
> > long-lived per-thread transactions instead (similar to the way locker
> > IDs are being re-used). We can't just replace the existing lockerID
> > mechanism with these transactions, because the intended lifetimes of
> > their locks are not the same. Anyway, I think this should finally
> > resolve the deadlock issues.
> There's a downside to this approach - keeping a long-lived transaction
> around means the initial BDB log file always has references to it, so no
> log files may be archived/removed, regardless of checkpointing. What a

Did a quick experiment and slapd ran just fine with removed log files. The
lifetime of the long-lived transaction does not seem to span over multiple
slapd runs. Do you mean the behavior on an erroneous condition where
transactions are not aborted/committed upon slapd termination ?
- Jong-Hyuk