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aliases (was: "Allow backup" extended operation)

Just to summarize, the current LDBM alias implementation is
flawed in that it:
        a) doesn't recurse (as needed for subtree searches)
        b) may return same entry multiple times (when alias
                points to entry which is candidate).

To fix this, one needs to rework the code to separately
alias dereferencing from candidate evaluation.

On starts with a baseObject, finds all subordinate aliases
within scope.  Then, for each alias, deref (noting target),
and find all subordinate aliases.  Repeat.  At the end of
this step, one has a set of baseObjects.  One note here,
when derefing an alias, the target may be subordinate or
superior to an existing member of the set.  If subordinate,
no further work is needed.  If superior, the target replaces
all subordinates before attempting to find additional
subordinate aliases.

Then one determines which entries are candidates using
something like: (&(|(scope=DN1)(scope=DN2)...)(user-filter)).

Then one enters the normal test filter loop... where, using
the above filter, the candidate is checked not only against
the user-presented filter but that the entry is subordinate
to the baseObjects in the set determined in first step.

This should solve both of the problems noted above.

At 08:05 AM 2002-12-06, Howard Chu wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Hallvard B Furuseth [mailto:h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no]
>> Except...we need ldbm here, becuase it supports aliases:-(
>> I don't know the alias code... why is is it enclosed in
>> '#ifdef BDB_ALIASES'?  Would it be much work to fix it?
>> Or should it be thrown out and rewritten from scratch?
>Kurt sent out a note about this a couple weeks ago. Here's the main point:
>So, instead of a candidate filter of:
>     (&(scope=DN)(|(objectClass=alias)(user-filter))
>we need to have:
>     (&(|(scope=DN1)(scope=DN2)...)(user-filter))
>where the DNs of the scope part are determined by a prior
>recursive algorithm doing:
>     (&(scope=DN)(objectClass=alias))
>where this algorithm is sensitive to subordinate/superior
>relationships between DNs.
>So basically in search_candidates we need to call a recursive function
>"alias_candidates" that builds the list of aliased scope DNs.
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