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RE: 'Allow backup' extended operation

> Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>> Where I see room for smtg like this is in allowing the creation
>> of a new replica, either by regenerating from ldif or by copying the
>> db files; it looks a bit more kind than stop and restart
>> in readonly mode.
> Can't we take a backup like Howard said and start the replica from the
> backup?

Well, to create a new replica, of course at some point you need
to stop slapd to re-read slapd.conf, but in the meanwhile you'll
want to copy the database, and you don't want slapd to accept any
changes while you do that, otherwise the database files might be
out of sync with the replog.   All of this, as Howard said in a
later message, will be pointless as soon as soft restart will be
in place.

> [BTW, if anyone wants to reply to my previous message, note that Howard
> Chu's address got mangled in it.]
> --
> Hallvard

Pierangelo Masarati