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Re: Suggestion: attribute;search

At 04:52 AM 2002-11-09, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
>> How about ;lang-x-hidden and some ACLs?  No coding required.
>Hm?  It isn't a language.  Sounds like an abuse of "lang".


>Besides, I just finished coding user-defined attribute options:  Since I
>thought I'd have to implement a new option anyway, I could just as well

I suggest that each of these user-defined attribute options have
a common prefix (e.g, ";x-user").  Coding wise, they would be
just like language tag/range options... except the option name
would have user defined meaning.

>ACLs:  Good idea.  This now gives the effect I want:
> attributeoption x-hidden
> access to cn;x-hidden,sn;x-hidden,givenName;x-hidden,ou;x-hidden by * search
>The ACL gets a bit cumbersome if many attributes use x-hidden, but I
>guess I might leave it at that.

access to attrs=name;x-user-hidden ...