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Re: [dev_ldap] RE: back-perl and password/user synchronization

>When do you see that happening ( ITS entry)?  If you can send me the 
>changed files without review?  I've been fighting this for the last few 
>days now, and I think the code is winning :)

Just did it, ITS #1659. Caveat being that our Perl 5.6.x is built
with 5.005 binary compatibility, which means that the single-threaded
embedding API works (although I think that, even if this isn't
enabled, there are macros which expand to get a default interpreter).

In any case, as useful as it might be, I don't think you would need
to allocate a Perl interpreter for each thread if the Perl backend
has a lock around the interpreter.

>PS.  How does a ldap bind work with back-perl?  There is no bind perl 
>function in SampleLDAP.pm, do I have write one?

Looks like it gets passed ($this, $bindDN, $bindPW).

-- Luke

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