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RE: [dev_ldap] RE: back-perl and password/user synchronization

back-perl doesn't use perl's thread support, it uses a mutex to serialize
all access to the perl interpreter. Therefore you only need one instance of
the interpreter, and you don't need a threaded perl library. I think you're
beginning to see the nightmare I was referring to. It sure would have been
nice if someone
had spent some time designing it...

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> Hi,
> When do you see that happening ( ITS entry)?  If you can send me the
> changed files without review?  I've been fighting this for the last few
> days now, and I think the code is winning :)
> I love to see how you got it working.  I am beginning to realize that
> Perl 5.6 thread module is very different from the old api, worse still
> I'm building on win32.  New threads can't just use the extern
> PerlInterpreter pointer, they have to use PERL_GET_CONTEXT and
> PERL_SET_CONTEXT etc.  I'm still trying to figure these things out. I
> found an email at
> http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-perl/2000-June/000028.html
> explaining this.  So it seems to me that a new perl interpreter has to
> be allocated for each thread.  I tried this and it at least got rid of
> some of the issues that I had, but I'm still working on others.  This
> seems to have to do with how your perl libraries were built.  The
> affect this.
> PS.  How does a ldap bind work with back-perl?  There is no bind perl
> function in SampleLDAP.pm, do I have write one?
> --Kervin
> Luke Howard wrote:
> >>I think you just lucked out. Perl internals are a nightmare,
> with different
> >>data structures defined depending on whether you configured for
> embedded,
> >>threaded, or standalone, and some combinations of the above. My general
> >
> >
> > OK, we got it built and working with Perl 5.6. We only changed the
> > search API to pass the search base, alias dereferencing policy, and
> > scope to the Perl module, as well as allowing modules to return
> > actual LDAP result codes via the frontend.
> >
> > We'll submit an ITS when we have reviewed the changes.
> >
> > cheers,
> >
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