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Re: configure: "error: could not link with POSIX Threads"

At 03:03 AM 2001-09-22, Peter Daum wrote:
>as I saw on the list archive, this issue (at  least I guess it is
>the same problem) has been raised before (ITS#1318, reported by
>hutmat@cygate.fi on Sep 6). Since the same problem occurs on my
>system, I wanted to provide some additional details.

Please provide such to the issue tracking system.  You can
attach additional information to this ITS by sending e-mail to
openldap-its@openldap.org with 'ITS#1318' in the subject.
This will then be automatically forward to the openldap-bugs
mailing list (with headers such that replies will get
attached to right ITS).

Thanks, Kurt