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Limiting filter types based on op_ndn


I've been working for a couple of days on limiting filter types
in search operations based on op_ndn.  I'll commit the change
as soon as I test it (I'm particularly busy at the moment :)
It works as follows: a set of limits can be enforced based on
the dn that requires the search. These limits cause the server
to respond "unwilling to perform" if the limitation is hit.
The filter type can be limited for an attribute or a regular 
expression; the dn that is subject to the limitation can be expressed
as a regular expression as well.
pres, eq, sub, approx and ordering filters can be limited separately.

We felt this need to protect a DSA against DOS-like attacks
(people browsing directories for hours requesting everything each time
possibly due to dumb clients).

The limits are tested before the operation is initiated, so there's
no overhead. This can be used in conjunction with the already 
implemented limit on the candidates a search selects and the soft/hard 
size/time limits to protect the amount of data (and the resources)
a DSA is willing to return based on the identity that issues the request.