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configure: "error: could not link with POSIX Threads"


as I saw on the list archive, this issue (at  least I guess it is
the same problem) has been raised before (ITS#1318, reported by
hutmat@cygate.fi on Sep 6). Since the same problem occurs on my
system, I wanted to provide some additional details.

In my case, the system is based on SUSE 7.1 with glibc-2.2-7 and

When I run configure without any arguments, it aborts with the
error message above (configure --without-threads works). I don't
know enough about autoconf to figure out where the problem might
be. The message itself is obviously misleading: both, "-pthread"
as well as "-lpthread" would work to link with posix threads.
When I try it manually using the same arguments as configure, I
can compile and link the test program; when it is run, it returns
an exit code of 3, I assume that the same happens during the
"./configure" run. "onfigure.log" does not give contain any hints
that a problem occurred.

This is true for all versions of openldap between 2.0.11 and
2.0.15. With version 2.0.7, the configure script (and also
compiling and running the program with pthread support) works
without any problems.

                Peter Daum