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Re: modules

At 01:28 PM 8/2/00 -0400, Stephen Soltesz wrote:
>This quesiton sounds a little wierd even to me.. so come; join in my fun ;-)
>As I understand, openldap has a clearly defined frontend (the LDAP interface,

ldap_*() routines actually belong to the client library, not the server frontend.

>and a backend (to handle the necessary operations to perform the
>actions requested by he front end), designed this way so to facilitate the
>straghtforward addition of additional backends.
>I am building an app around ldap right now to help clients interact with a
>resource server (which knows nothing of the ldap server).. and, LDAP seems like
>a passive element in the mix.  The client and the resource server are the only
>active parts.. 
>My desire is to keep things as simple as possible, and have as few components as
>possible.. (right now, the client, the resource server(RS), and SLAPD), yet
>there are functions which must be performed, such as verifying that the data in
>the directory is current with the RS, which can not be performed by a client
>(the scope would be to broad), nor the RS (which has no knowledge of ldap)..
>So, what I'm getting at is, would it be possible to add additional functionality
>to slapd (perhaps in the form of modules) so that it could perform the the
>'accounting' operations?

Yes, in the form of code.

>Put differently, a way to add new pieces to the
>Or should I add yet another entity into the mix that wraps around LDAP?  which
>manages the interaction between the RS and the clients..
>Thank you for making it this far, ;-)