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Re: Information about self-created classes in OpenLDAP 2.0

At 01:02 PM 8/1/00 +0200, Johannes Verelst wrote:
>I just pulled down the latest CVS source (like living on the edge) and
>compiled it (flawless). I added quite some attributes and classes, and after
>a few errors (I tried adding attributes that already existed) everything
>went fine.
>I use ADSI 2.5 to connect to the OpenLDAP server, because i am creating a
>program that has to be vendor-unspecific. Everything seems to go well, until
>I try to get information about classes using LDAP. I try the following 2
>  (works perfectly, I can query for all the mandatory & optional properties)
>  (idem)
>  (gives error: An invalid Active Directory pathname was passed).
>I looked into the configfiles but I couldn't find any differences (exept for
>the attrs) between my 'myOwnnewClass' and 'person'.
>What goes wrong here? Have I found a bug, or am I just being stupid?? (I
>couldn't find a reference to this in any of the documentation)

You likely should take this question to an ASDI forum.  The above
only vaguely looks like LDAP to me.