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Re: multiple app support / searchs

At 10:52 AM 8/4/00 -0500, Skill, Tom wrote:
>Hello, can anyone help with the following problem?

Subscribers of the general mailing list should be able to help
you.  General questions (not specific to OpenLDAP or other implementations)
should be directed to the general mailing list (or other such forum).


>I currently have a node:
>cn=Tom Skill, ou=MIS, ou=Department, o=myorg, c=us
>I also have a subnode:
>appName=InternetApp, cn=Tom Skill, ou=MIS, ou=Department, o=myorg, c=us
>The problem:  would like to do a search such that I return attributes in
>both the node and subnode, for example I would like to do a search that
>returns both "acceslevel" and "firewalllevel" AND "uid" from the parent node
>in one single search, is this possible?
>The reason is that we have multiple applications, so would like to have
>users defined at one level, then have application specific attributes define
>under them that way the application can access specific info just for them,
>plus the general info of the user like the userid/password, etc.  At signon
>I would like to just do the one search on the uid, then check the password
>if it matches and get all the attributes.  
>Thanks for any help this has been a major problem.
>Tom (tskill@securitylink.comNOSPAM)