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Re: OpenLDAP on OpenVMS?

At 09:49 AM 2/1/00 +1030, jeremy+openldap@vsm.com.au wrote:
>>At 01:04 PM 1/30/00 +1030, jeremy+openldap@vsm.com.au wrote:
>>>I downloaded the OpenLDAP 1.2.7 kit but am unable to build it, because I
>>>have no means of running the "configure" script to generate such files as
>>Look about the VMS archives and see if there are basic UNIX command
>>line tools available for VMS.  In particular, you'll would need:
>>	Bourne Shell (Korn/Bash might do)
>>	awk,sed,[e]grep
>>and likely:
>>	GNU Make
>>I have no clue as to the availability of such tools under VMS.
>There is no equivalent to any UNIX shell script that I have been able to
>find.  There are versions of awk & grep around, and there are a number of
>Make tools.  The DEC C compiler is excellent and fully ANSI compliant (and
>supports several other modes).
>>Another option (not recommended) is to build some sort of alternative
>>build mechanism such as what we've done for WinNT.
>I suspect this is what I'll have to do.  But I need a pointer to what to
>put into such files as "portable.h".

Well, I suggest you write a script to generate portable.h
(and other generated files)...  basically, mimic what
config.status does in current build environment.

In fact, I'd love to see someone do the same for NT.  I hate
all these damn .dsp/.dsw files.

Basically, write a config.pl (perl is available for just about any
platform) which would determine the basic architecture of the system,
prep itself with a set of predetermined, platform specific values
(stored in a file in build directory), and then generate all the
files that config.status would normally generate.

This would allow the VMS (and NT) build environment to leverage
the existing build environment and reduce maintenence headaches.