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OpenLDAP on OpenVMS?


I want/need to be able to develop LDAP client software to run under
Compaq's OpenVMS operating system (both VAX and Alpha).  I'm aware
of the UMich LDAP effort and it does work (mostly!) but I would
prefer to use something a little more "current" and with the promise
of LDAPv3.

I downloaded the OpenLDAP 1.2.7 kit but am unable to build it, because I
have no means of running the "configure" script to generate such files as
"portable.h".  And unfortunately the INSTALL instructions only comment on
"CONFIGURE OPTIONS" is that the relevant helpful information hasn't been
written yet :-(

So is someone able to help me determine what configure options are
appropriate for the OpenVMS environment (using latest version of DEC C


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