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Re: OpenLDAP on OpenVMS?

>At 01:04 PM 1/30/00 +1030, jeremy+openldap@vsm.com.au wrote:
>>I downloaded the OpenLDAP 1.2.7 kit but am unable to build it, because I
>>have no means of running the "configure" script to generate such files as
>Look about the VMS archives and see if there are basic UNIX command
>line tools available for VMS.  In particular, you'll would need:
>	Bourne Shell (Korn/Bash might do)
>	awk,sed,[e]grep
>and likely:
>	GNU Make
>I have no clue as to the availability of such tools under VMS.

There is no equivalent to any UNIX shell script that I have been able to
find.  There are versions of awk & grep around, and there are a number of
Make tools.  The DEC C compiler is excellent and fully ANSI compliant (and
supports several other modes).

>Another option (not recommended) is to build some sort of alternative
>build mechanism such as what we've done for WinNT.

I suspect this is what I'll have to do.  But I need a pointer to what to
put into such files as "portable.h".