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RE: searching multiple backends

> "Howard Chu" <hyc@highlandsun.com> writes:
> > request is handled entirely within the X.500 dsa. When it receives an
> > equivalent LDAP request to SEARCH, scope=ONELEVEL, it
> enumerates everything
> > it knows about within its own database, and then chains the
> request on to
> > the slapd, with search base o=bar, scope=ONELEVEL.
> Huh?  I don't think this is correct.  Either the X.500 DSA masters
> o=bar or it doesn't.  It is bogus for it to go somewhere else
> asking for info on o=bar.  Someone more experienced would care
> to comment?

Your understanding of directories is flawed. This is like saying the DSA for
c=US has to know everything, all in one database. It is analagous to saying
that a single root DNS server has to have total knowledge of every
registered domain. This is completely contrary to the distributed nature of
large-scale information systems.
> > 	#1 ou=foo,o=bar
> > 	#2 ou=baz,o=bar
> > 	#3 ou=fiz,o=bar
> >
> > Again, if this slapd receives a SEARCH request based at o=bar,
> the request
> > will fail, even though it could/should validly return information for
> > ONELEVEL or SUBTREE searches from this base.
> Not in this particular case, if I have understood your problem.
> It cannot know if there are other things below o=bar.

Other things beyond the three subtrees that it *does* know about are
irrelevant, as far as this particular server is concerned.
> But I get your point.  I don't know the answer.  I don't even know
> what it does when a naming context expands several backends.  I
> think it should traverse backends transparently.

  -- Howard