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Re: idl_delete bug in back-ldbm?

At 11:10 AM 4/6/99 +0200, bert hubert wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I had a problem that deleting entries from my gdbm OpenLDAP 1.2 directory 
>gave me an Operations Error. Stepping through idl.c I found that it barfed
>[snipped code]

>I don't quite understand
>what this idl_delete_key does - I can't find any line actually deleting

Look closily.  If the id was the only one in the list,
ldbm_cache_delete() is called.  If the id isn't the only
one on the list, the id is removed using SAFEMEMCPY()
and stores the new list using idl_store().

>All it seems to do is store a key somewhere - that also doesn't
>seem to be used.

It's actually storing a list of ids.

>I've replaced the return -1; by:
>                return 0; /* deleted already - don't bother - AHU */

This only changes behavior when the id is in a direct IDList.

>Was this the right thing to do?

It's probably better to change the caller to ignore the error
(after logging it).  I'll commit such a change to -devel.

>What does it mean when it can't find the ID? 

It could have been deleted by a prior delete operation that
failed.  Hence, ignoring the error is likely the most appropriate
solution for now.