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I have uploaded a patch against the devel source in

Addressing the problems in the original message:
1) The DN returned is of the form cn=pw_name, SUFFIX.
2) The uid attribute is gone.
3) The GECOS field is parsed for cn and sn fields. The BSD usage of '&'
in the GECOS field is recognized. The cn is terminated at the
first ',' in the GECOS. The sn is only shown if there is a space in the cn,
in which case the tail of the cn is used as the sn.

For the suggested changes:
1) I left the objectclass as person. Perhaps posixAccount would be more
appropriate, but again, this is only a demo backend.
2) The DN is hardcoded to use cn=
3&4) The full name is processed, the description attribute contains the raw
contents of the GECOS field.
5) There isn't enough agreement on usage of the rest of the GECOS field to
warrant this.
6) didn't do it.
7) didn't do it.

Some other fixes: I added an entry for the base of the backend itself, which
is just an organizationalUnit. Also, I added a check to prevent searches
within this backend from nesting endlessly. (E.g., in the original code,
given the backend at ou=passwd; a onelevel or subtree search based at
cn=root,ou=passwd would return the same results as a onelevel or subtree
search based at ou=passwd. And so on and so on...)