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Re: search on cn=config cores slapd (ITS#136)


I'm not exactly sure what the problem is here, but...

>#0  0xc00d3ca0 in regexec ()
>#1  0x1fae4 in acl_get_applicable (be=0x2, op=0x40007b28, e=0x400051e8,
>    attr=0x8e18 "entry", nmatch=10, matches=0x7b03b020) at acl.c:134
>#2  0x1f68c in access_allowed (be=0x40006fe8, conn=0x4000a250, op=0x40005120,
>    e=0x400051e8, attr=0x8e18 "entry", val=0x0, access=8) at acl.c:70

be=0x2 ?  Seems that something trashed the Backend (be) pointer
and the Operation (op) pointers.  I suspect the regexec call has
trashed the stack.

You might want to check the REGEX library and make sure it
implements POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions.  You may want
to try a third party Posix REGEX library (Henry Spencer's,
GNU regex, or GNU rx).

Poking about in the debugger might provide additional hints
as to what the problem is.