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Re: çå: ååï mirror mode question


On Wed, 9 Apr 2014, çæç wrote:
Hi Dieter,

   Thanks for your kindly replies.

        In my case, I don't use any SASL. I want to use simple bind, but my mirror mode can't work when my rootpw in hash( if the rootpw is in cleartext , the mirror mode can work). Could you pls advice what is wrong with my configration?

My slapd.conf file set as below.

moduleload syncprov.la

database        bdb

suffix          "dc=xxx,dc=xxx"

checkpoint    1024 15

rootdn          "cn=manager,dc=xxx,dc=xxx"

rootpw          {SSHA}aeiyuikahdkfjhdiuvy

1. That is not a hash.

2. use slappasswd to generate the hash as follows

    ck@ldap1:~ % slappasswd
    New password: sillypassword
    Re-enter new password: sillypassword
    ck@ldap1:~ %

3. Use the result from slapasswd as your rootpw

     rootpw {SSHA}miU6lvcqHnP+bAlZz4DruvOm8DeEczQR

4. Use a different password as you have now posted it to the list in cleartext

         credentials={SSHA} aeiyuikahdkfjhdiuvy

5. no.  You need to use the cleartext password for replication credentials


6. you can only hash your rootpw. You will need to use a cleartext password to authenticate.


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