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Re: Have you seen this FUD - IT pros suffer OpenLDAP configuration headaches ?

Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
And my opinion (and many, many others!) have been that it is. And that there's
something huge lacking in the OpenLDAP documentation. But every time this is
brought up, all the maintainers get very hostile.

Let me be clear about this - there is nothing hostile in this message:

The Project is run by volunteers. If you want something to improve, then contribute your time to making it happen. There is no chain of command where any person gives orders and someone else carries them out. Areas get worked on when interested people step up and work on them. The areas of code that I've worked on were the areas that interested me personally. Areas that don't interest me get ignored. (Some things, like asserts and other annoying crashes, may get my attention even though the code doesn't interest me, but these are somewhat rare.)

The topic of documentation does raise some ire these days, particularly because we see companies like Zytrax slurping up our Admin Guide and regurgitating it with a large dose of their own misunderstanding and misinformation. If you actually want to help make things better for the Project and the community, then do so - submit documentation patches back to us. Don't splinter off and write your own fantasy novel of how you think things work. Write patches to the Guide to expand on the areas you think need to be explained better. Fragmenting the knowledge base only increases confusion, it doesn't make things better.

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