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Re: Have you seen this FUD - IT pros suffer OpenLDAP configuration headaches ?

On Jan 30, 2014, at 5:35 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

> I saw some of this on twitter before, ignored it since none of the parties involved have any clue what they're talking about.

Personally, I think it's spot on. It IS hard to configure an LDAP server, and
even harder to understand how it works (the object based part). Took me three
months first time, and I'm not an idiot.

Even today, I need to consult either my own book or the howto (or seriously
skim through the man pages) to setup a new server.

And even worse if when you want to optimize the backend... There's a lot of
magic there....

And with the new config backend!? I haven't even had the time or energy to go
that far yet!
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