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Re: Openldap configuration import LDIF

On 08/22/13 17:32 +0200, felas wrote:
Sorry i move first step in openlad, so, the all output in my Eclipse is in
what do you mean Does ou=people,dc=university,dc=org exist? , you mean in
the server configuration?

Presumably you, or your installation script, configured a database at
dc=university,dc=org. See chapter 10 of the Admin guide.

Everything stored locally, underneath dc=university,dc=org will be written
to disk (outside of your configuration), such as in /var/lib/ldap,
depending on how the dc=university,dc=org database was configured. You may
be able to view the existing data in the database with:

slapcat -n1

where "1" is the database number configured. See the slapcat man page.

Data underneath dc=university,dc=org will need to be created
hierarchically. Before:

dn: ou=student,ou=people,dc=university,dc=org

can exist:


must first be created. If that's your problem, add it to the top of your
ldif file.

Dan White