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Re: Openldap configuration import LDIF

my ldif file start with:

dn: ou=student,ou=people,dc=university,dc=org
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: student
userPassword:: e01ENX1renFqNTdyF4M1V1M2RWxVeEY4S3VRoo0=

my localserver ldap.conf is:

BASE   dc=university,dc=org
URI      ldap://

you need a cn=config ? or a olcDatabase{1}hdb.ldif ?

2013/8/22 Dan White <dwhite@olp.net>

2013/8/22 Dan White <dwhite@olp.net>
On 08/22/13 14:49 +0200, felas wrote:
i have install OpenLdap in a UbuntuServer, in virtual with VirtualBox.
Now i want to import in Eclipse via Ldap Browser one file LDIF.

I have a FQDN like this, ldap.***.***.com, and i add this in /etc/hosts
this FQDN with a ip address, the ip is my Server.

Is this relevant? Does the import work without this change?

Now the problem, when i try to import Ldif, i have the problem with
auth, i know i must change something in a slapd config but what?

In general, for importing ldif files, you may wish to use your configured
rootdn/rootpw credentials, although that is not required. See Chapter
8 of the Administrator's Guide on the website for a discussion of Access

On 08/22/13 16:42 +0200, felas wrote:
thanks!, i re configure my slapd, i no touch the /etc/hosts file, and qhen
i open Eclipse and LDAP Browser the connection is ok and the authentication
too, but now when i try to import this file LDIF my error is: No such
object...help please..

I an unable to come up with a theory as to how the /etc/hosts modification
is causing the "No such object" error.

I believe the devil is in the details here - that is, you likely have bad
data in your ldif file. Double check your ldif file carefully.

Provide additional details if you believe otherwise. See:


Dan White