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Re: ÎÏÎÏ: LDAP Search Question (use of * in search filter)

I changed the syntax of the ldapserach query and moved the filters at the end
of the command but i got error that there is "No such object (32)"
  ldapsearch -h -LLL -x -b 'dc=cosmote,dc=ro'  -D
"cn=pcrfuser,dc=cosmote,dc=ro" -w pcrfuser123 "(&(billtype=PREPAID)(msisdn=*))"
I am worried that maybe i have not constructed properly the table OL_dn2id or
i use a wrong conifuguration mapping for my data and that is why my ldap
search query does not work

Sounds like you're inserting data from SQL, and not using back-ndb itself?

do you have any reference in order to understand the role and structure of
table OL_dn2id?

Google "openldap ndb cluster"...




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*ÎÎÎÎ:* Re: LDAP Search Question (use of * in search filter)

Am 08.10.2012 12:45, schrieb ÎÎÎÎÎÎÏÏÎÏ ÎÎÏÏÎÎÎÏ:
Dear all
My environment consist of a mySWL Cluster database that use ndbcluster
storage engine. I have install openLDAP using back ndb in otder to expose my
database in LDAP fromat. The main table of LDAP is the table OL_dn2id.
Entries in this table have the following format
eid | object_class     | a0       | a1       |
a2                              | a3                       | a4 | a5 ... | a15
1    | usertable@top <mailto:usertable@top>  | ro       | mydb  |
msisdn=40765111111 | billtype=prepaid  | null (all other columns are null)
2    | usertable@top <mailto:usertable@top>  | ro       | mydb  |
msisdn=40765111112 | billtype=postpaid | null (all other columns are null)
My database definition in slapd.conf is the following
database ndb
suffix "dc=mydb,dc=ro"
rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=mydb,dc=ro"
I want to execute ldap search queries based on msisdn or billtype attribute.
I am trying to this using the command
i.e. return all postpaid user msisdns - i ma trying to use the * in the
filter in order to have all msisdns
ldapsearch -h localhost -LLL -x -s sub -d 32
-b bill=postpaid,msisdn=*,dc=cosmote,dc=ro

You are not using * in a filter but in the basedn which does not conform to dn

I am not sure, how your filter should look like, but it should be stated at
the end of your ldapsearch, e.g.
...  -b dc=cosmote,dc=ro "(&(bill=postpaid)(msisdn=*))"

This depends on how the data are modelled ldap-wise and not ndb-wise.

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