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ÎÏÎÏ: LDAP Search Question (use of * in search filter)

I changed the syntax of the ldapserach query and moved the filters at the end of the command but i got error that there is "No such object (32)"
 ldapsearch -h -LLL -x -b 'dc=cosmote,dc=ro'  -D "cn=pcrfuser,dc=cosmote,dc=ro" -w pcrfuser123 "(&(billtype=PREPAID)(msisdn=*))"
I am worried that maybe i have not constructed properly the table OL_dn2id or i use a wrong conifuguration mapping for my data and that is why my ldap search query does not work
do you have any reference in order to understand the role and structure of table OL_dn2id?

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ÎÎÎÎ: Re: LDAP Search Question (use of * in search filter)

Am 08.10.2012 12:45, schrieb ÎÎÎÎÎÎÏÏÎÏ ÎÎÏÏÎÎÎÏ:
Dear all
My environment consist of a mySWL Cluster database that use ndbcluster storage engine. I have install openLDAP using back ndb in otder to expose my database in LDAP fromat. The main table of LDAP is the table OL_dn2id.
Entries in this table have the following format
eid | object_class     | a0       | a1       | a2                              | a3                       | a4 | a5 ... | a15
1    | usertable@top  | ro       | mydb  | msisdn=40765111111 | billtype=prepaid  | null (all other columns are null)
2    | usertable@top  | ro       | mydb  | msisdn=40765111112 | billtype=postpaid | null (all other columns are null)
My database definition in slapd.conf is the following
database ndb
suffix "dc=mydb,dc=ro"
rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=mydb,dc=ro"
I want to execute ldap search queries based on msisdn or billtype attribute. I am trying to this using the command
i.e. return all postpaid user msisdns - i ma trying to use the * in the filter in order to have all msisdns
ldapsearch -h localhost -LLL -x -s sub -d 32 -b bill=postpaid,msisdn=*,dc=cosmote,dc=ro

You are not using * in a filter but in the basedn which does not conform to dn syntax.

I am not sure, how your filter should look like, but it should be stated at the end of your ldapsearch, e.g.
...  -b dc=cosmote,dc=ro "(&(bill=postpaid)(msisdn=*))"

This depends on how the data are modelled ldap-wise and not ndb-wise.



The output of this command:
Invalid DN syntax (34)
Additional information: invalid DN
Any help on this would be very usefull
With Regards
Panagiotis Psarrakos


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