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Re: 2-node MMR w/ delta-syncrepl setup, out of sync, best way to resync?

--On Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:15 AM -0300 Brandon Hume <hume-ol@bofh.ca> wrote:

  I have a new MMR setup, "kil-ds-3" and "kil-ds-4".  I turns out that I
was missing syncprov on the cn=accesslog tree, which the guys on IRC
helped me out with correcting (thanks again, JoBbZ!).

You are welcome. ;)

Howard pointed me at the -c command line argument for slapd, and I've
given it a try with "slapd -c rid=002", as well as "slapd -c
rid=002,sin=2,csn=0", and neither one causes the server to do a full
resync, although the manpage says "-c rid=002" should be sufficient.  Do
the rules for that change in a mirrormode setup?  Is the only real fix an
"/etc/init.d/ldapd stop && rm -f ${DBDIR}/* && /etc/init.d/ldapd start"?

Did you really do "SIN=2" or was that a typo? The correct parameter is SID. Also, I'm still not clear from reading the man page if you need to provide multiple csn values when doing a refresh in an MMR scenario.

With that kind of situation, what kind of value should I keep for
olcSpSessionLog (syncprov-sessionlog)?

You should never set olcSpSessionLog when using delta-syncrepl replication.



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