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Aliasing entries with reserved characters


I'm an LDAP newbie who has inherited the maintenance of an LDAP system, and am learning on the fly. �Until now I've been able to puzzle out all the issues I've faced, but finally my google fu has failed me, so I'm seeking more human assistance.

My problem is with reserved characters, such as , (comma). �The system wasn't coping with RDNs that contained these characters, but this was easy enough to fix by simply escaping these characters with a backslash.

My problem now involves trying to alias entries that contain these escaped characters - I am consistently getting "Invalid DN syntax". �This is what the code to add the alias looks like:

$operationDN = "aliasedObjectName=" . $this->aliasSafe($aliasDN) . "," . $locDN;

$aliasParameterArray = array(

"objectClass" => "alias",

"aliasedObjectName" =>�$aliasDN


$result = ldap_add($this->LDAPcon, $operationDN, $aliasParameterArray);

The aliasSafe() function converts�"=" => "\3D" and"," => "\,"�(unless the commas have already been escaped).

This produces DNs that have the following (hypothetical) format:

$aliasDN: cn=Tomorrow\, When The War Began,cn=books,dc=library,dc=com

$operationDN:�cn\3DTomorrow\, When The War Began\,cn\3Dbooks\,dc\3Dlibrary\,dc\3Dcom,cn=titles,cn=John Marsden,cn=authors,dc=library,dc=com

I've tried every encoding of the comma (in the book name) that I can think of (eg, a single backslash, a double backslash, a triple backslash, and even '\2C') but everything I've tried so far has given me the "Invalid DN syntax" error. �Could someone please help me with the syntax and encoding these DNs should�have?