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ldap design

Hello People,

I'm in doubt what design I need to use for openldap
This is the situation;

We have 1200+ customers using LDAP. We want to replicate all these ldap
server to 1 big ldapserver in a datacentre with a multi-master config.
So all the customers are a master-ldap who replicate to the datacentre.

My idea was to build in the datacentre a ldapcluster of about 4 server

My question is: 
Will this be stable, because there will be 1200+ ldapservers replicating
to 4 ldapserver in the datacentre.

I know this depends on the number of write actions at the customers. All I
can say is that write actions at the customers isn't THAT much.

I really hope somebody can give me an answer or maybe there's somebody
else with the same config

Best Regards

Hendrik van der Ploeg