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Re: Slapd Security based on port

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On 02/14/2011 08:49 PM, Chris Jackson wrote:
> here is a scenario:
> Site has a ldap server on ldap://389.  Firewall blocks access to 389
> from internet.  Everyone queries the ldap via anonymous binds.  Site
> would like to allow staff the ability to  query the ldap from outside
> the firewall.  This would be done via ldaps:// 636 to users who have
> authenticated via username/password.  They do not want to allow
> anonymous queries outside the firewall.
> Using the "disallow bind_anon" would prevent anon binds on both ldap://
> and ldaps://.  This would break the inside machines ability to query.
>  If we dont use "disallow bind_anon" then machines outside of the
> firewall could query the ldap.
> ---Is the only option for them to setup two separate ldap servers?  One
> with "disallow bind_anon" and one without.  Then only open the firewall
> for port 636 to the ldap server which has "disallow bind_anon".

Another option than ACL magic:
Wouldn't the x-mod= option to the listening socket, as described in the
slapd manpage, help? (slapd -h ldap:/// ldaps:///????x-mod=-rw-------)
I have never used it, though, and the manpage says you have to
explicitly enable it at compile time.

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