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Re: Aliasing entries with reserved characters

On Tuesday, 15 February 2011 09:04:41 MJ Hughes wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an LDAP newbie who has inherited the maintenance of an LDAP system, and
> am learning on the fly.  Until now I've been able to puzzle out all the
> issues I've faced, but finally my google fu has failed me, so I'm seeking
> more human assistance.
> My problem is with reserved characters, such as , (comma).  The system
> wasn't coping with RDNs that contained these characters, but this was easy
> enough to fix by simply escaping these characters with a backslash.

Is it *really* necessary to have the title of the book as the RDN? Surely it 
would make sense to use a normalized unique identifier (e.g. ISBN number?) as 
the RDN, and just have the cn a normal attribute? And, the author also as an 
attribute? Then you wouldn't need to build a separate "index" of books by 
author ...


> $aliasDN: cn=Tomorrow\, When The War Began,cn=books,dc=library,dc=com
> $operationDN: cn\3DTomorrow\, When The War
> Began\,cn\3Dbooks\,dc\3Dlibrary\,dc\3Dcom,cn=titles,cn=John
> Marsden,cn=authors,dc=library,dc=com