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RE: Ldap with GroupOfUniqueNames + PosixGroups

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Asunto: Re: Ldap with GroupOfUniqueNames + PosixGroups

Alejandro Gándara Álvarez wrote:
> Hi list,
> I´m using slapd  2.4.11-1+lenny1,  until now I was being using 
> posixgroup as objectclass for my groups, now we need to integrate ldap 
> with a new application which requires GroupofUniquesnames as 
> objectclass.
> My question is, can I have mix groups?. I mean, a group with two 
> objectclass as posixgroup and GroupofUniquenames.
> I´ve tried but I always get errors because of conflict  with both 
> objectclass. And I cant delete posixgroup objectclass because I need 
> it to integrate with samba and other services.
> Could someone head me to the right way?
Search the web for rfc2307bis.schema.
rfc2307bis is an unoffical schema, but it works as a replacement for the old

Test an update on a separate LDAP-Server. I think best is, to dump the hole
database, replace the objectclass and reload the database to a new
Test-Server. If it's working fine, do the same on your real LDAP-Server.

You can not simple replace the schemas, because of the StructuralObjectclass
of your current records.

Good luck.

I am using rfc2307bis for some years and don't have any problems.

> Thanks for all
> Alejandro Gándara


Harry Jede
Kronprinzenstraße 151
44135 Dortmund

Tel	+49 231 522376
Email	harry.jede@arcor.de


Thanks for your answer I´ve tried what you said, I did the following steps:

1- Install new openldap server in other server (Version:2.4.17-2.1).
2- I copied rfc2307bis.schema as the new nis.schema.
3- I made dpkg-reconfigure slapd, to reconfigure everything with the new
domain and creating a new BBDD.
4- When It try to add the first entry I got the following messages
Duplicate attributeType: ""
5-I went to /etc/ldap/schema and I ran grep -r  "" .  and I
only got one answer so Its right. This attribute is placed in

Could you tell me where is my fault.

Thanks for all.

Alejandro Gándara