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Re: back-sql mysql innodb

> Problem solved. I had to comment a line in sql_wrap.c:
> /*
>   * TimesTen : Turn off autocommit.  We must explicitly
>   * commit any transactions.
>   */
> This last line actually prevents slapd from updating resultsets (which
> are committed) in InnoDB.

I believe this is not correct; we need autocommit to be off since
operations that need a commit explicitly do it.  I think the problem is in
the RDBMS you're using, since other RDBMSes always worked as intended.

> Perhaps autocommit should be enabled by default, but the user should be
> able to disable it through a configuration option in slapd.conf. Should
> I file a request or bug for this?

Feel free.  Configuration options that improve interoperation are always
welcome, pending my comment above.