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Re: back-sql mysql innodb

Problem solved. I had to comment a line in sql_wrap.c:

 * TimesTen : Turn off autocommit.  We must explicitly
 * commit any transactions.

This last line actually prevents slapd from updating resultsets (which are committed) in InnoDB.

Perhaps autocommit should be enabled by default, but the user should be able to disable it through a configuration option in slapd.conf. Should I file a request or bug for this?


On 07/28/2010 12:32 PM, Frederik Bosch wrote:
Hi all,

Two weeks ago I also wrote to this mailinglist, but now my problem is
much more clear. I succesfully installed slapd and managed to start it
with back-sql. However, I have one problem. Once slapd has retrieved
childs from a certain entry, it is not able to refresh it. A slapd
restart is needed for that.

The problem is due to the MySQL engine used: InnoDB. I discovered that
when I converted my database to MyISAM, which had no problems at all.
Upgrading myodbc to version 5.1.6 (I as on 3.51 before) did not help.

Converting to MyISAM is not an option and was just for testing.
Restarting the server each 5 minutes looks like a ugly solution to me.
What could be wrong?

Thank you.
Frederik Bosch