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Re: "objectClass: olcBdbConfig" causes "ldap_add: Invalid syntax" error

After struggle with this problem for several days, waisting around 1
working days in total, I now can answer my own question.

The behavior "objectClass: olcBdbConfig" causes "ldap_add: Invalid
syntax" error simply indicate back_bdb module is not loaded. I guess one
may argue an error at importing olcBackend is more user friendly as it
clearly reminds not having backend loaded, while others may consider an
error at objectClass is more logical to the programming aspect.

Below are off-topic thoughts of mine after this experience.

The document is pretty complete in documenting what the configuration
system is made of, but not the process to make use of it. It documents
status but not procedures to reach status. I think a well written
step-by-step guide and checklist might save a lot of time.

That reminds me of a business case, an engineer is sent to a spot where
the supervisor give every information needed to solve the problem, and
he went confused and says, yes I have a lot of information now, but what
do you want me to /do/? One may took this lack of proper knowledge as
lack of motivation, but more frequently it is lack of knowledge. In the
very case a complimentary document would help: it contains a list of
problem to be solved, a list of steps to verify the problem is solved,
and more helpful would be what steps to take to solve the problem. It
cover only basic cases so engineer can improvise complicated cases. But
such complimentary document is not in the Administrator's guide.
Eventually an engineer might find himself not need the complimentary
document much, but he needed it in the first place. Another comparison:
pupils dump their textbook after learned them but keeps dictionaries.
Yet without the text book pupils don't find dictionary much useful. I
guess I am in this pupil case and can benefit a lot with text books. I
didn't successfully manage find such text books on the Internet in this
cn=config case, perhaps they don't exist yet.