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Re: "objectClass: olcBdbConfig" causes "ldap_add: Invalid syntax" error

> After struggle with this problem for several days, waisting around 1
> working days in total, I now can answer my own question.
> The behavior "objectClass: olcBdbConfig" causes "ldap_add: Invalid
> syntax" error simply indicate back_bdb module is not loaded. I guess one
> may argue an error at importing olcBackend is more user friendly as it
> clearly reminds not having backend loaded, while others may consider an
> error at objectClass is more logical to the programming aspect.

Since the "olcBdbConfig" is defined in back_bdb module, and back_bdb
registers it when loaded, I find it hard to figure out how an error
message related to "olcBdbConfig" being undefined could mention the module
that would load it.  As a general rule, trying to use a module prior to
loading it sounds a bit braindead.  It is just one step away from
documenting the need to switch the computer on before using ldapadd.