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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

Whether you pay RedHat or not, you still get bad OpenLDAP packages.
What makes it's bad? Compiler? Patches? Init scripts? Version? I would really like to see my choice of distro, with a good implementation of LDAP ... So I would like to try and find the problem here.

Other distros have better packages for free (or for pay).
Which ones, I would like to try and figure this out, and maybe help fix it in the long run.

	Then we move the DB dir to a backup location and create the complete DB
structure from scratch,
When a simple db_recover might fix it instead?
I will look at this, maybe add it to me set of scripts and monitor how well that works.

Using Fedora's default packages.
Now that is helpful. Again, what do you think might improve their packages?

No you aren't, this has been discussed a few times.
I searched the archives and found only one other thread regarding corrupt LDAP DB's, unless it was listed as not accessible or something like that.

If it is configured well (checkpoints, DB_CONFIG file) and started/stopped correctly, with database recovery when necessary, it won't.
I have said in another mail, that I believe that the default conf should be data integrity verse performance.

Started and stopped correctly, do you mean running slapd with options to start and then kill -9 slapd ... Is this incorrect or is there a better way to shutdown slapd?

BTW, the Mandriva init script runs database recovery when starting LDAP (but not when restarting it) by default. Debian can easily be configured to do so as well. Fedora doesn't seem to think it's important.
I hate to say it, but the sounds like a need to service your car before starting in the morning ... If this is a working to have OP running smoothly, then each distro as put it in as need. I don't read in the man page of slapd, that one should run db_recover before starting slapd ... I'm just wondering aloud here ...

I didn't post the SRPM, because it is already mirrored around the world (rpmfind.net should find it), and all the packaging files are in CVS:

Found the srpm ... http://ftp.ale.org/pub/mirrors/mandrake/devel/cooker/SRPMS/main/openldap-2.3.11-1mdk.src.rpm
But it's only 3.5MB compared to FC, which is 12.5MB ...

	I will mess with this and see how it goes.