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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

--On Thursday, October 27, 2005 4:57 PM +0200 "C.Lee Taylor" <leet@leenx.co.za> wrote:

Greetings ...

	Thanks for your quick response ...

Buchan Milne wrote:
1)Your slapd.conf extract has no checkpoint directive, have you got a
DB_CONFIG file in your db directory (/home/services/ldap/za/db). You
should  add both (after reviewing the docs on the FAQ-o-MATIC), and if
you stick with  2.2.x, you need to run db_checkpoint via cron or similar.
	In the man file for slad.conf, I searched for checkpoint, no mention of
it ... Now googling for it ... Found ...

Try reading the man page specific to the BDB backend: slapd-bdb

	I would like to try and stick with what FC ship, playing with upgraded
version, because they should move to that ... But I'm also thinking, they
might not focus much on OpenLDAP any more, because of FedorDirectory
Server (http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Main_Page), which RedHat
just bought and opensorced.

RedHat's support of OpenLDAP has always been bad. They have been the absolute worst linux distro to run LDAP on using what they ship that I've seen.

2)I don't think the Fedora packages run db recovery automatically.
	I don't seeing anything like that, so I don't think so ... I will look
into this.

Stop, slapd, and run database recovery ('slapd_db_recover
-h /home/services/ldap/za/db' or similar), check the permissions on the
db  files, and start slapd.
	When the DB get's corrupt, no need to stop slap, have delete the default
DB and my DB and restart from scratch and slapadd in my current DB ...
with is only 1000 entries.

You aren't stopping slapd when you wipe your database? That's really bad.... And you need to stop slapd to run slapadd or to run db recovery.

I highly suggest moving to 2.3, because it will take care of a number of issues. However, you seem to have a lack of the basic concepts necessary to run an LDAP server, so I also suggest you do a bit of reading.


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