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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

Greetings ...

	Thanks for your quick response ...

Buchan Milne wrote:
1)Your slapd.conf extract has no checkpoint directive, have you got a DB_CONFIG file in your db directory (/home/services/ldap/za/db). You should add both (after reviewing the docs on the FAQ-o-MATIC), and if you stick with 2.2.x, you need to run db_checkpoint via cron or similar.
In the man file for slad.conf, I searched for checkpoint, no mention of it ... Now googling for it ... Found ... http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch6/bdb.html

I would like to try and stick with what FC ship, playing with upgraded version, because they should move to that ... But I'm also thinking, they might not focus much on OpenLDAP any more, because of FedorDirectory Server (http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Main_Page), which RedHat just bought and opensorced.

2)I don't think the Fedora packages run db recovery automatically.
I don't seeing anything like that, so I don't think so ... I will look into this.

Stop, slapd, and run database recovery ('slapd_db_recover -h /home/services/ldap/za/db' or similar), check the permissions on the db files, and start slapd.
When the DB get's corrupt, no need to stop slap, have delete the default DB and my DB and restart from scratch and slapadd in my current DB ... with is only 1000 entries.

	Will a slapd_db_recover not lose any data?

Well, a resync would be *much* easier with sync-repl ... trash the DB and restart it. But, you probably want 2.3.x for that ..
At the slave sites, I have rsync over what is there, it's quick because most of the data is fine, just something is not ...

I'm really waiting for FC to dump there OpenLDAP packages to 2.3.11 ... Messed with sync-repl for test in 2.2, but it's a little buggy ...

Get a better init script if you're going to stick with 2.2.x. 2.3.x does recovery itself when necessary (and
What do you mean, get a better init script ... I think the one in FC4 is not bad ... Given me a bit of trouble when I wanted to funny thing like use included for my conf files so not to have to duplicate too much ...

FYI, I'm running the Mandriva 2.3.11 packages I maintain (and rebuild on RHEL3/RHEL4), you may want to take a look ...
Taken a look, where is the srpm? I can download that and compile a package to play with on a test system.

I could be convinced to get an FC3 or FC4 chroot installed (x86 or x86_64).
I can't seem to find a pattern, it's not like we doing allot of updates or something ... I see somebody in the list asking if it's because of using different LDAP clients and browsers, but I can't see how that would be a problem.

So, I don't really want to waste your time by setting up a chroot system, I would like to find what is causing this ... Thanks.

I have added the the checkpoint options and put the logs way up, hoping I will see something.

	Thanks again.