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Re: Corrupt LDAP DB ...

Greetings ...

Besides OpenLDAP, what is the common factor :-P
	Me, my FedoraCore systems and AMD CPUs? ... |-/

Seriously though, ensuring db recovery is run, and having a DB_CONFIG that suits your amount of data and available ram, should fix this.
As I read all the man pages, online docs and books, the DB_CONFIG stuff is really more for performance and data security.

I would believe that the default would be gear to data integrity and not speed, which is why I would like my OP config as is until I found that I had a performance problem, but with nscd and all the other caching, I'm very happy with my performance of OP, but it's not good if the server crashs for no reason every two days ...

I don't think so either, pam_ldap/nss_ldap/samba configs are quite common.
I don't believe, (as a sysop ) that any client should be able to crash or corrupt a OP server. Delete or modify the data, yes maybe be, but if the system can't come back after been stop or restart often, I think there is a problem.

This is not flame bait or a knock of the OpenLDAP developers, just my point of view, and if I could code anything worth anything, I would try and help, but I'm just a sysop trying to figure this out.

	Thanks for all the help. I still then OpenLDAP rocks!