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Re: Stability OL 2.3.11?

Buchan Milne wrote:


My 2.3.x LDAP boxen don't hit production for another 2 weeks, but to avoid more version creep (which affects lots of documentation, project plans, test plans etc)

Don't mention it! That's, amongst other things, is why we stuck to 2.2.17. Plus, that that version's proved itself so stable in practice.

we'll probably be sticking with 2.3.9 + the odd patch from CVS, of course on + patch. Also, these boxen will initially only have 20 000 or so entries (compared to the > 250 000 on our other set).

20 000 is more than 1 150.

I was hoping to see some comments from Dusty Doris, whose 2.3.7 boxen with ~400 000 entries should have been in production for 3 weeks by now.

Dusty? Where are you? But I don't think I'd have considered 2.3.7 for production use; best before, etc. 2.3.9.


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